Culinary Team

Meet our Culinary Team

PaulThis is Paul Almond, THE master Culinary Guru.  From coming up with tasteful and eclectic Mexican dishes to drawing from his experiences making homemade Italian dishes, he makes Tuesdays and Wednesdays a can’t miss for dinner specials at the Dish!  Paul has been a part of our culinary team since the beginning and his creativity with fresh, in-season ingredients has been key in bridging the gap between growers and customers and making The Dish Cafe the #1 choice for Farm to Table in Southern West Virginia.  Paul’s integrity shines through in the food he prepares and in his desire to improve the health of our patrons.




Josh Israel, our General Manager, is one of the great leaders of the Dish Cafe.   His culinary talent combined with his management skills are extraordinary.  He maintains the integrity of our recipes through the preparation process by keeping fresh, local ingredients, flavor profiles and food combinations his top priority in showcasing our food. Josh maintains a knowledgeable wait staff by communicating the details of how we’ve integrated local products coming from multiple farms into our recipes.  Josh is SUPER friendly, honest, fair                                               and remains calm under pressure.



ChrisChristopher Shannon.  What can we say except Chris Rocks!  Chris has top notch culinary skills and a true ability for putting out flavorful food prepared correctly and cooked at the right temperatures for the right length of time.  If it’s not perfect, Chris doesn’t let it leave his kitchen. He is a true reflection of our concept and style of our food.  You might find Chris stopping by your table just to make sure everything is to your liking. Chris also has a great sense of humor and helps keep the atmosphere light in our busy kitchen.


PIE MAKER, BREAD MAKER and CAKE BAKER? Yeah we’ve got a couple of those on staff!

Libby Baker and Eric Rogers are THE BEST BAKERS and SWEET TREAT MAKERS. EVER.   In a busy restaurant environment, where all of the bread, buns, hoagie rolls, bagels and desserts are made from scratch with fresh ingredients, to say these two keep busy, is an understatement. Not only are Libby and Eric able to prioritize their time to get all of the daily baking accomplished for the menu, but they create a variety of offerings for our pastry case located at the front of our store.  From our famous avocado brownie to blueberry cheesecake made with fresh local berries; these two chefs are always inspired by pleasing their customers!  Check out our pastry case for confections like BON BONS, FUDGE, COOKIES, CAKES, BROWNIES and MORE!  Specialty pies, cakes, bagels and breads are available with a 48 hour notice.

IMG_5143Jeremy Moore is affectionately known as “Turtle” but not because he’s slow in the kitchen!  Maybe it’s because he can deflect stress with his tough outer shell and can keep on cooking!  Seriously have you seen this dude go?  He can cook a flawless ribeye while building sandwiches and mixing up our made-to-order Parmesan cream sauce all at the same time.  Yep, that’s our man Turtle – he adapts to whatever is necessary to get the job done and his culinary talent is impeccable.

IMG_5163Sharon Dodd came to us with years of experience as one of the best cooks in the neighborhood. So when we turned over our golden recipe book to her in her new role as Prep Cook, she did not disappoint.  Her culinary intuition definitely kicked things up a notch!  Sharon has contributed invaluable tips and ideas and we’re so proud to have her on our team.  Sharon is truly the main matriarch of the kitchen and helps keep our boys in line every day.


TylerTyler Higginbotham enjoys preparing healthier food with a unique flair.  You can see Tyler’s pride shine through when he prepares our flat breads, salads and appetizers using the highest quality ingredients available